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Rhododendron 'Berliner Liebe' Rhododendron 'Berliner Liebe' Rhododendron 'Berliner Liebe'

'Berliner Liebe'

large blooming hybrids red May
Type: large blooming hybrids
Flowering colour: red
Flowering time: early-mid May
Height: up to 150 cm
Speed of growth: slow growth
Colour of the leaves: deep dark green
Foliage quality: evergreen, shiny leaves
Can be delivered as lime-tolerant rootstock: yes
Winter hardiness zone: 6b
Growth-form: broad conical

A rhododendron insigne hybrid, recognizable by the typical veining on the leaves. The foliage is a glossy dark green, with intensely pink-red flowers. The mature plant flowers richly.

100-150 cm evergreen
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