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22-09-2014Van den Berk on Trees

From January 2015 available: 'Van den Berk on Trees' 2nd edition.
Fully revised edition: more species and cultivars, more photos.  

Send an email to (name + e-mail) and book your copy for the anniversary price of €75,00 instead of €95,00. We will notify you as soon as the book is available. 

16-04-2014Birch and Taxus at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Also this year Van den Berk trees can be seen at The Chelsea Flower Show. One of the locations is the show garden “Positively Stoke-on-Trent”, designed and built by Bartholomew Landscaping in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The garden will represent a city with a new clarity of purpose and new sources of energy. The planting is inspired by nature’s re-colonisation of Stoke-on-Trent, reconnecting the city to nature.  There is a woodland area  of white planting, where the birch are, that represents the natural landscape and old mines around Stoke. The planting then takes on colour leading away from the woodland area representing energy being harnessed from the natural landscape. The taxus balls within the woodland area are shaggy & unclipped leading through to being tightly clipped at the furthest dark pink end to represent man’s influence on nature – the domes represent balls of energy radiating out from the woodland area & being harnessed (hence the unclipped to clipped look).  The planting in the garden is all herbaceous, so the trees and balls play a important structural element within the garden.

Click here for Chelsea Flower Show 2014

10-09-2013Rhododendrons awarded at IGS Hamburg

Paulus van den Berk, former Director of Van den Berk Nurseries, received an honorary award for the entry of Van den Berk Rhododendron GmbH at the International Gartenschau 2013 in Hamburg. During the famous event, 12 rhododendron nurseries participated in the ‘outdoor cultivation’ competition. Van den Berk was the only one that was exclusively awarded gold medals for its entry. 

A total of 30 gold, 27 silver and 16 bronze medals were awarded as well as 2 honorary awards. The medals will be presented later this year during the national meeting of the Bund Deutscher Baumschulen; the honorary awards, however, were already presented in the city of Hamburg at the end of September. Van den Berk received the award for its exceptional product range and excellent quality.

The medalists:

Rhododendron 'Lee's Dark Purple', size 100 cm
Rhododendron 'English Roseum'  size 200 cm
Rhododendron 'Gomer Waterer' size 150 cm
Rhododendron 'Lilofee' size 100-120 cm
Rhododendron 'Rasteder Schlossperle' size 100-120 cm
Rhododendron Pricegroup 1 of the regular range, size 60-100 cm
Rhododendron Pricegroup 1 of the regular range, size 100-200 cm

30-10-2012300 trees over the water to Le Havre (FR)

For the transportation of 300 trees to be planted along the tramway in Le Havre (FR), the buyer chose water transport. 

The trees were loaded directly from the carts onto a barge, which was lying at the quay of the Wilhelmina canal in Veghel (NL).

Water transport indicates in this case 600 kg less CO2 emissions. A good environmental choice of the customer!

20-08-2012Production manager 40 years at Van den Berk

August 2012 Cees van Casteren started his career at Van den Berk Nurseries exactly 40 years ago. This has been celebrated together with all his colleagues and family.
Cees started working at Van den Berk in 1972 as a production worker. In those days the company was very modest in size. Three brothers Van den Berk worked together with 5 employees and the old farmhouse was their office, storage place etc. The work itself was physically demanding work. As Cees told: ‘the equipment consisted of a Ford and a Fjord. The first was a tractor the last a stubborn horse. ‘On the other hand we did have an adjustable cultivator which was very modern at that time’
Cees van Casteren has seen many innovations during the years and has contributed to a lot of them, such as the selective digging machine, the winding machine and the comprehensive tree book. From nursery worker he turned into foreman and was pilot boss. Since 2004 Cees is manager production & logistics and responsible for all technical tree and growing matters as well as for managing the staff.
Cees is known for his outstanding knowledge of trees. His knowledge of varieties of trees is also recognized by other nurserymen, suppliers, customers and even from competitors. Many people turn to him if they have a question, he is a modest but solid pillar in the company. We hope to continue for many years to profit his knowledge and expertise.

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