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24-10-2016Hans van Rijsewijk has become commercial director

The board of Van den Berk Nurseries has been augmented with effect from this month. With managing director Pieter van den Berk, Hans van Rijsewijk as commercial director is now part of the management. Last month Hans just completed 25 years of service at Van de Berk. During these years he has held various positions and contributed greatly to the development of Van den Berk. He knows all aspects of the business and has good knowledge of the European markets. The accession of Hans van Rijsewijk to the board comes at a time when the market starts moving again, but is erratic and unpredictable at the same time. This requires a clear strategy and considered decisions. Hans will be partly responsible for the direction of Van den Berk in the coming years. Brenda Swinkels is head of the sales department since May this year.

22-02-2016Castle has his tree back

Source: Eindhoven Dagblad, Author: Jelle Krekels

"It's quite an operation," sighs castle managerr Paul Thijssen while he keeps an eye on the tilted tree. A spring storm in March last year ended the 110-year-old chestnut which provided the second courtyard of the castle of shadow. Shame, because the tree was the scene of many weddings and celebrations.

At Castle Heeze they all quick agreed to a replacement tree, but hereby the job was not done yet. " “There were many meetings necessary and experts have repeatedly come to see and measure”, says Thijssen. "Actually, we needed a heavier crane, but it did not fit through the castle gates."

Finally, it took the experts about six hours to do the costly job. For a moment, it seemed that the twenty year old chestnut would fall on the roof of the monumental castle. But the ooh's and aah's from the onlooking crowd, did not disconcert the workmen. 

With heavy equipment from Van den Berk Nurseries and gardener Willemse they get the eight-ton and fifteen-meter high chestnut tree finally in place.

28-10-2015Large rhododendrons for Lazienki Park

The Lazienki park is one of the most popular touristic places in Warsaw, Poland. It has a lot of building from the 18th and 19th century, such as the Royal baths, a Roman inspired theatre and a water tower. The, in some cases century-old,  gardens in the park were all designed around these historic buildings.
At the end of 2014, the international known landscape designer Niek Roozen received a request of the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw to design a "Dutch Garden" at the beautifully restored orangery in Lazienki Park.

'Dutch Garden' refers not only to the ‘embroidery gardens’ from the 17th-century, but also to the Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima. They visited the park and the orangery in 2014 during their first official state visit. There, the idea arose that the Netherlands, known for its expertise in the fields of design, quality of planting and extensive product range, would  take care of this garden.
Niek Roozen made a design according to historical lines, but with planting applied to contemporary way. The big trimmed rhododendrons for the borders framing the garden were selected by Niek at Van den Berk Nurseries. Van den Berk supplied five major Rhododendrons 'Catawbiense Boursault' , two beautiful Magnolia sieboldii and two pieces of Magnolia loebneri  'Leonard Messel'  for the Dutch Garden. April 28, 2016, the garden will be officially opened by the Dutch Ambassador, during the celebration of King's Day.

21-09-2015September 20: Open House

Our anniversary celebrations are over and we look back on three fantastic days!
To complete our anniversary we organized an Open House for friends, family, neighbours and all other interested people on Sunday, September 20th. An estimated 800 people watched the demonstrations of planting-, digging- and binding machines. Many also took a walk over the fields behind the building, while dozens of children solved the rebus. For the more advanced tree lovers there was a quiz on trees. Also thanks to the fine summer weather, it was a successful day.

Click here for a detailed photo report on

21-09-2015September 18: Tree Prom!

Our anniversary celebrations are over and we look back on three fantastic days!
Friday September 18 we celebrated our anniversary with our employees, their partners and our suppliers. It was a ‘Tree Prom’: 25 Metasequoias, special lighting, nice furniture and a large dance floor transformed our loading hall into a classy dance club! A swinging band provided the right musical atmosphere. The official part of the evening started with the celebration cake that was 'flown in' with the loop cat. Subsequently Pieter van den Berk, along with the two seniors Jan and Paulus, gave a short speech and supplied some anecdotes. After the gift of the staff was revealed, the party began. The conversations were lively, the liquor flowed and we had a great night together! Thanks everyone for the congratulations, the gifts, the great conversations and great atmosphere!

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