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The fertile peaty soil in North-Germany is ideal for the cultivation of rhododendrons and azaleas. Van den Berk Rhododendron GmbH cultivates all its plants here in the field. This is a very decisive factor for the quality of the plants.

Rhododendrons have a flat, broad root system. These plants can only develop properly when planted in the field. The thick peaty soil of the Ipwegermoor, combined with regular soil cultivation and fertilization, offers the perfect circumstances. The plants have room to develop finely branched, wide root systems, which can absorb plenty of moisture and nutrition. This is not only an important prerequisite for strong, healthy plants, but also essential for regrowth after planting in its final location..

Full plants
To achieve good, dense branching aboveground as well, the plants are planted with enough space in between. For several growth seasons after planting, the flower buds are nipped out of the plants. This stimulates the plants to concentrate all their energy on the development of branches and leaves instead of flowering and forming seeds. This labour-intensive treatment and regular pruning of rhododendrons results in compact, full plants. These plants are wider than usual, don't fall apart as quickly and also look good outside the flowering season.

Only strong plants will thrive in their new location in planting projects. They suffer less from replanting and are better able to get through the first difficult year. They can also withstand extreme weather conditions or a temporary lack of water better. Enough reason to not only look at the flower colour and size when selecting rhododendrons and azaleas, but also judge them on quality. Plants cultivated by Van den Berk Rhododendron GmbH have an unprecedentedly low failure rate. They guarantee long and great (flowering) pleasure!

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