Special large sizes

The more than 140 types of rhododendrons and azaleas cultivated by Van den Berk are available in different sizes; from regular to large sizes. A number of large-flowered species are also available in extra-large sizes.

grote-maten_-rhododendron-met-thieuFour metres and taller
These are exclusive plants, more than forty years old, more than 4 m tall and wide. These giant plants are no exception on the Rastede plots. They are one of the specialties of Van den Berk Rhododendron GmbH. The rhododendrons are extremely suitable as evergreen 'architectural' elements in projects. As a single specimen or as repetitive green element; they always guarantee a very special effect.

Multi-stem rhododendrons
Another category of special plants are the multi-stem rhododendrons. These plants are pruned yearly, when the stems at the bottom of the plants are cleared. The capriciously formed stems make these plants very striking specimen, which are also attractive outside the flowering season. Multi-stem rhododendrons are available in sizes from 1,5 to 4 m high; and each plant is unique.

grote-maten_-boomrhododendron       Mark out the trees yourself
On request, we can send you photos of plants. Of course, you are more than welcome to come and view or mark out the rhododendrons yourself. You can find the largest selection of plants at Rastede, but there are also larger parties of rhododendrons and some multistem rhododendrons at Sint-Oedenrode. Call the sales team to make an appointment or if you would like more information. You can contact the nursery at Rastede directly, or contact the regional representatives of Van den Berk Nurseries, who are always there to help you.


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